Success Stories

It was a great first day of using B-File!

I used it on three current customers. I couldn't believe how receptive they were to the process and making sure they had the right liability limits. We are sold on it at our agency, and I can't thank you enough.

Working with B-File has taken our agency to another level. It has given us a systematic way to do reviews and it has essentially given us more dedicated staff to keep our calendar full. It has also given us an easy, non-threatening, systematic way to do a liability exposure worksheet and find assets at risk. Not only are we making sure clients have the most appropriate coverage for their needs, but we're also finding a ton of opportunities for cross selling additional policies. For example, the very first one we did we found out the client's husband owns a photography business. We had a conversation about his commercial insurance and wrote a policy on the business! We've also found multiple life insurance and financial services opportunities. The best part is that Jamie's team does an incredible job with training and anyone licensed in our agency can do the reviews just as if I was doing them. We've had success only after a few months and I'm super excited and optimistic for what we can accomplish long term with the B-File system.

Ryan Bravo - Agency Owner Farmers Insurance

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